• Arlena Mack

The Benefits of an App For Your Small Business

One question often asked is, "Aren't apps used for the big franchise businesses? How could they benefit my small family ran business?" and this blog aims to answer just that. Apps can benefit businesses of all sizes, even the smallest family owned venture. Especially in the times of COVID could likely draw some kind of benefit from utilizing their online presence more.

1. One-to-One Communication

Something a small business can actually exploit more than a major one is their expectation for a small audience. Normally whilst setting up communication between you and your customers in an app is useful, you need to implement measures to filter it to the information you want. A small business expects a small loyal set of customers thus they can allow communication freely. With an app this means orders can be made freely with attached messages, allowing full feedback whilst complying with feedback and not having to worry with manning phones or dealing with social media sites.

2. Saving Money

For a small business, investments are significant and need to have long lasting or significant impacts. For a small business that wishes to expand to online ordering, an app is a great way long term investment. Not only does it give you more control over your virtual storefront, you can freely use the app to advertise other content to your customers and potentially lure in far more repeat business. At the same time, small changes about your business can easily be conveyed from the app. This is especially great for small businesses worried about COVID, where sending out fliers or even social media posts with digital ordering details could be incorrect due to the often changing conditions. With the app, the current up to date information is always available in your customers hand. For small businesses as well, an app can be convenient for running small scale loyalty or coupon schemes, as the one time investment saves on what could eventually become significant printing costs over an extended period time.

3. Branching Out

Small businesses often find themselves reluctant to experiment. An app for a small business is often most used by their strongest and most loyal customers, which means as a result an app makes a great space for small businesses to be more experimental. Putting up for sale test items for example, where they can test the reaction of just their core audience. Or trialling new promotional mechanics, such as loyalty schemes, can be tested via the app first and expanded upon later.

To finalise, small businesses should not fear the investment of an app, but should feel free to weigh up the pros and cons of commissioning one. Long term, while they may not always be the right option, they could open up many doors or save long term costs.

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