• Arlena Mack

Social Media During COVID

A key service Natterjack Creative provides is social media management. More than ever, during COVID social media is an important yet competitive front that many businesses need to prioritise. With the decline of physical marketing and most people stuck at home, there are more people on social media than ever but equally more businesses operating. For a small business it can be daunting, and they could find the number of users checking them out or interacting with them on websites like Facebook to actually be decreased as these users more easily have their attentions drawn elsewhere.

This is why Natterjack Creative provides this service. Not only does this provide resources that give customers a design edge with the ability to provide professional graphics and design, getting ahead with social media takes a great deal of experience and a deep understanding of how all the major sites operate.

Social media management is more than making frequent posts, or automating content. It is about deeply tracking user interaction and the success of your social media platforms, utilising them to assist other channels, understanding your audience and current marketing trends and coming up with effective campaigns and strategies. Equally so, polls show that the number one biggest problem with social media posts that turns off readers, is when a pages posts read as mechanical and non-genuine. When managing social media, you are interacting with people and the best are trained to make sure even your most hard line announcements feel like they are being conveyed in a personable human-to-human way.

For many businesses as well, it may be clear that they should utilise social media but many may not know how to get the most out of their presence. Many people may follow businesses they like, but may not engage with that business over social media. A social media manager knows how to try and communicate with these customers. How far they can draw them in and how much more investment they can get out of them. This especially important right now, where COVID-19 damages so many businesses core business models. Now it is important to hold users, to keep their attention so that the business remains at the forefront of the customers mind as soon as the business can operate again, but likewise it can be difficult to do so when the business is not operating and unable to provide incentives. Social media managers can develop tactics and schemes to keep user interaction high, keeping those customers loyal and preventing activity from dropping down.

Finally, it is important to remember that loss of social media followers can be a slippery slope. Social media often has waves and carries momentum. Losing followers can negatively change your ability to show up in others results and media feeds, leading to in some cases a downwards spiral of reduced users and eventually, reduced business. A social media manager, could prevent decline during these trying times and maybe even start to create momentum for when your business re-opens.

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