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Saving Money With Apps

Updated: Jan 8, 2021

An often overlooked advantage of apps is their ability to save money after investment in the long term. Many businesses this year have not only spent a great deal of money on advertising campaigns, but due to the difficult nature of the year thanks to COVID, their investments have had to been tactically timed and often suffered from issues.

Research reveals that the average UK business looks to spend at least £300 for an average sized leaflet campaign, with costs easily climbing for a wider or faster distribution. Not only do repeated campaigns like this add up, but leaflet campaigns often rely on outsourced door-to-door drop offs or customers directly visiting your business and taking note of your advertisement. Either way there is a degree of trust and risk.

Whilst leaflet campaigns can be cost effective in the short term, in the long run a comparable app for your business can be far more effective. An app, once produced, has no printing and distribution costs; With this benefit being further amplified by an apps ability to be instantly updated. For example, a restaurant business might have had to adapt its menu to COVID and has had to print off new leaflets and menus to reflect this change, making them reluctant to expand their menu until they can make a substantial amount of changes to justify printing a second menu and potentially losing business. Moving things to a digital front here, means they could make any changes whenever they wished and the information their customers had would be instantly updated as well. Likewise, handing out a leaflet, voucher or menu in these difficult times may be difficult due to people's desire to maintain social distance, a digital front not only would save printing costs but make their consumers feel safer.

While leaflets are easily discarded or ignored, once you've got an app on someone's phone you can regularly incentivise them to use your business by sending out alerts to special products and offers, this all coming at the investment of just some time. Some people may suggest statistics such as that 90% of apps are used just a few short times then deleted, but these stats are misleading. The same studies show that the number one reason for app deletion is simply apps no longer functioning and a lack of support. The most important take away from this data, is people will come back to your app if you give them incentives and make sure your app is well-made and maintained by professionals. The more you can retain your app users, the more your app is on their phone as a constant reminder and the more you remain in their mind. This even leads to extra benefits like better word-of-mouth promotion.

Overall, the value and cost effectiveness a mobile app can offer a business, should not be underestermated. With Natterjack Creative providing apps at roughly the cost of two leaflet campaigns for a normal business, for that price you get a product with far more longevity due to its constant customisation. Especially in these contactless times, where traditional advertising is likely to go unseen or ignored, a digital app is far more appropriate and acts as an investment whose benefits will persist as a cost saving measure long past COVID.

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