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External Integration

Updated: Jan 8, 2021

An often under appreciated benefit of an app for your business is how easily it can fit into your business model. The toughest hurdle is always getting the app initially onto consumers phones, but almost universally after that apps improve user retention. But many are concerned, especially if they already have an online store or other existing presence, that having to alter all their systems to work with the app will make the app time consuming to integrate and therefore slow or difficult to launch. I can safely attest that this is note the case and here is why.

Whilst individual fresh new store fronts can be created for an app, it is not entirely a necessity. If managing the extra store front is troublesome or a worry, apps can instead integrate into their u.i existing store front. So if your business is operating already from big sites such as Etsy or Amazon and you are worried managing multiple storefronts could lead to issues, the app could instead link through its interface to your existing storefront. This allows for an app to be set-up to still provide all kinds of extra beneficial features to your users or customers, whilst not requiring the constant maintenance of multiple store fronts and allowing development time to be focused.

This extends further. Certain major online booking service providers as well can be reached. Calendar events can be scheduled through a connection to your Facebook events. Information can be shared through existing blogs. If your business already has online presence, chances are a great deal of that online existence can be organically moved into an app with just a few minutes work. This is especially useful for someone looking to either set-up a website and app simultaneously and who wants make things quicker and easier to manage but also can be great for a business looking to exploit opportunity. Normally app development time can be substantial and even if the later intention is to develop more unique app-side services simple initial integration can allow an app to be pushed out completely functioning and fully visually designed in far shorter time.

Ultimately it is important to consider when running any service through an app, if you wish for it in turn to be ran for a broader service for ease of management and consistency or if you want to take the time to take back control and create your own environment. Both have merits but never forget apps are broad and always consider all your options.

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