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Apps VS Social Networking

Updated: Jan 8, 2021

With the inevitable progression towards online interfacing in today's society, most businesses now at least have a Facebook page, if not a full online social media presence. At a glance, if your main objective with developing an app is to increase engagement and to promote to your users, you may question what the benefits are to an app over simply developing your business' social media presence. With this blog, we hope to clarify to you some of the distinct benefits to developing an app and to clear some misconceptions.

1. Guaranteeing your updates reach your audience

Many look at the systems in place with services like Facebook and question if it isn't just enough to get our customers to follow our page and post regular updates. But few realise that it isn't so simple. When your customers download your app, you a creating a permanent one-to-one line of communication between you and them. Not only can you send alerts straight to their phone, you can pull them in to constantly observe the full app through retention methods such as loyalty/log-in schemes.

For example, whilst Facebook allows you to release posts updating the status of your business free of charge, even with followers Facebook is public about its usage of a 'point-weighted' system to decide which posts individuals see. Not only does this mean that factors outside of your business' control effect your ability to reach out to your customers, but at the same time Facebook encourages businesses to boost their own posts. Paying for boosts can get expensive in a competitive market, where your business opponents are encouraged to pay more to outbid and 'outweigh' your posts, not only meaning customers potentially see their content over yours but also making the boosting you've already paid for potentially worth less.

Overall, an app guarantee's and gives you the control with how you reach your audience, it doesn't leave the success of your promotions reaching your customers to chance - making promotions safer and more successful.

2. Less visual competition

As COVID-19 has highlighted for some businesses, it can be important but often extremely difficult to get necessary information over to your audience through social media. An average social media user scrolls through on average 90 meters of their news feed per day, making it so even if your information ends up on a customer's feed it becomes easily missed. Utilising an app means you are not in conflict with the other functions of a social network and thus if you alert your customers to content updates you can more accurately presume that the message has been received and have far more control about they see your information.

3. Better accuracy of feedback

Social media is great for receiving feedback from customers of course, but it is also important to note that social media lacks verification. Feedback sent through social media is not guaranteed to come from an actual customer who has used your business and worse case scenarios, poor feedback can be publicly spread by competing businesses. Whilst platforms generally have measures in place to deal with this scenario, proving feedback as false or malicious is often very difficult.

When processing feedback, you can confirm through an app that customer has utilised your business and be safe in the knowledge that what the feedback you have received is far more accurate and useful.

4. Greater control of user atmosphere

One final advantage to communicating with your customers through an app is the control you create have over simple elements like the design of how your customers respond to you. Social networks are by their nature, filled with distractions. Not only are there often advertisements for other businesses trying to grab the users attention, but simple elements like a poorly timed alert could distract and disrupt user-business interaction.

is your own controlled environment where you can safely know distractions will not purposefully disrupt user interactions.

Overall, as useful as social networking is for a modern business identity, the lack of control they often offer leaves many advantages to utilizing an app for user relations. An app gives a business control and security like social media's do not. Even if the wide outreach of a social media is desired for feedback, comparing data with more controlled accurate information gathered utilising an app can allow for more detailed research results.

Especially in these difficult times, keeping customers informed and being aware of their needs and wants has never been more important. A business app designed for you, can make such relations simpler and more accurate to observe, as well as simpler than ever before to manage.

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