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Apps, Visual Design and Your Business

Updated: Jan 8, 2021

Natterjack Creative is openly more than a business purely for producing apps and printing advertisements. A key element to the success of almost any business with customers is maintaining a unique visual identity and almost nothing helps do this, better than an app.

Apps on a base level can help strengthen and amplify recognisable icons. For many businesses it is important to develop a recognizable logo and image that is closely associated with the product you provide. For example a restaurant may have a distinct icon and with regards to apps, this means whenever is someone on their phone and hungry their eyes may be drawn to the unique food associated logo. Apps presence on phone homepages gives them a persistence, with their icon constantly flashing by many users, many times a day. As a result an app both benefits greatly from a businesses iconic visual aspects, but also helps build up the same associations they thrive on.

Another important aspect to an apps success is design of the interface. You do have the obvious concerns, a user interface has to be both enticing and easy to understand, but likewise at the same time you have to consider that with an app your design is all the customers can see. With a physical business location, browsing is conditional and effected by real life conditions, your virtual storefront is consistent and tailored to be exactly how you want it to. This is mostly ideal, a greater degree of control is always great, but it is important to remember that customers generally enjoy a dynamic experience. This is why physical shopping locations still enjoy some success as customers enjoy the dynamic service and experience of shopping sometimes just as much. But this kind of full experience can be replicated and it is important when managing an online app to consider that with managing it you have to manually make sure the experience is regularly updated and made dynamic.

The ability to update apps on the fly means you can create a more natural shopping experience, with promotional deals and seasonal displays much like a traditional shopping experience, whilst at the same time removing inconveniences. On a final note, your visual design is important as even most minor of aspects can change your customers behaviour.

Studies show that colours such as red or yellow are impactful and catching, grabbing people's attention and compelling them to investigate but by contrast, cool colours such as blue and green relax customers and make them feel more confident in their spending. The freedom to in an instant change the display of your app means you have ability to freely make use of this as well as other techniques to try and get the most out of your customers with regards to spending, retention and their enjoyment of your service.

In conclusion, it is important to respect that the design of your app is rarely a one-and-done element. Constant updates is an advantage to utilizing and app it should be strongly encouraged that all businesses with apps take time to consider constantly maintaining their visual designs, making sure that customers are engaged by changes and encouraged to utilize the service as much as possible.

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