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Apps and Gyms

Updated: Jan 8, 2021

With the new COVID tiers, many businesses are now restricted from operations. Whilst gyms have a certain degree of exemptions and are allowed to remain open, now more than ever organisation is crucial to their operations. Deciding to fit with this theme, this blog aims to make clear the benefits an app can make to gyms, especially in these unique and difficult times.

1. Organisation

Whilst gyms and recreational facilities may remain open and running, restrictions are still in place around mixing households and the usage of certain facilities. Many sporting clubs especially are under threat as even if they may be ran meeting social distancing guidelines, the difficulty of spreading limited resources out to meet many demanding groups can be challenging. Whilst social media can keep people informed, an organised app for a gym allows all members to see an on-the-fly update of current schedules and affairs, as well as allowing their phone to be informed of any urgent changes to avoid any problems. Likewise, booking can be made easier through easy in-app integration, taking strain off manned phone lines as well.

2. Better awareness

Another problem both with COVID conditions and normally with extra programs is informing members. Gyms often send updates through emails, texts or social media to people with the aim of informing them of new conditions or extra programs that are being ran. This leads to a problem as even if someone would be interested in the content, these messages are typically bypassed or ignored. An app lets you place these alerts in such a way as to give them better chance to grab the users attention or they could be worked into other content freely. At the same time, linking an app to scheduling means you can guarantee a certain degree of user focus being consistently placed in a single area, making sure they are less likely to miss what you want them to see.

3. Expanding and unifying your service

App integration allows for certain service elements to be pushed digitally. Now more than ever, with things like training sessions having to be pushed onto a digital front and carried out physically at home, there is incentive to combine all these digital elements onto a single convenient package. Whilst a website provides some of this, an app can more easily be integrated with even existing online gym services, easily allowing for the creation of a hub environment allowing the digital side of your fitness business to thrive. Creating this hub, like a physical gym, means your members are doing more than just coming together for a single element but are being exposed to more that your gym can provide and can be made more easily aware of the other services you provide.

To conclude, the fitness sector specifically can have a surprisingly high virtual presence and an app can allow your business to consolidate that. Whilst COVID has pushed for this online development, with the addition of an app, your online side doesn't have to be a temporary measure, but a potential permanent beneficial expansion to the gym experience.

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